Billboard Evangelism

CAM's Billboard Evangelism (BBE) program helps point America to Christ by posting clear Gospel messages along interstates and major highways. It is estimated that more than three million people drive past our 114 messages each day.

Many people across America are confused about God and life. They don't know what to believe or where to find help. Churches throughout our nation are rejecting the absolute authority of the Bible, and some Bible colleges teach students they can believe in evolution AND God. No wonder so many are confused. Where can these people turn for Biblical answers?

CAM’s Gospel messages include the following:

  • In the beginning, God created
  • After you die, you will meet God
  • Where are you going? Heaven or Hell?
  • The Holy Bible. Inspired. Absolute. Final
  • Who is Jesus?

Each billboard includes a toll-free number, which people can call to speak with one of our tele-counselors. The tele-counselors receive an average of about 200 calls daily.

Thanks to your support, Billboard Evangelism has Gospel messages in all 50 states. Besides billboards, we also have 114 Gospel posters in shopping malls and airports.

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The Billboard Evangelism Prayer Needs Email is sent out every Wednesday noon and contains several prayer requests from billboard callers.
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If you would like to help bring the Gospel message to America through Billboard Evangelism, please fill out the donation form below. You will be able to make a one-time donation using your credit card or bank account.

Every dollar gives 700 people the opportunity to see a Gospel message!
$1,200 sponsors one billboard for one month.
$14,400 sponsors one billboard for one year.

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